Travel Information






Reservations & Tickets


Tickets can be purchased at the Capital City Station (721 Douglas St, Victoria BC) or at our kiosk located in the arrivals area of the Victoria International Airport (YYJ).

All other locations require a reservation, which can be made online (link)  or through our Experience Centre over the phone at 1-855-351-4995, (between 0700-23:00, daily).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When reserving your transportation from Downtown Victoria to YYJ Airport, please consider road, weather, traffic conditions, and check-in time for your flight; it is recommended that allowance is made for this when selecting your departure time from Downtown Victoria.

Travel Protection

Our Travel Protection on the YYJ Shuttle gives the travelling customer protection against trip changes or cancelation. If Travel Protection is purchased, the customer will be able to change or cancel their booking at any time up until 1 hour prior to their scheduled time of departure without being subject to any fees. Travel Protection also allows the customer to cancel their booking at any time and receive a 100% refund.

Without Travel Protection, tickets are non-refundable, all tickets can be changed free of charge due to changes in fight times.

The cost of Travel Protection is $2.00+Tax per traveler, per booking.

Travel Protection itself is 100% non-refundable, and will not be refunded even if a full refund is given for travel or other products purchased.

Cancellation and Amendment Policy

For Reservations/ Add-on’s: Refunds are not available.
All reservations can be changed to new departure dates/times, or exchanged for a travel credit, up to 24 hours before original departure time. Within 24 hours of original departure time, restrictions may apply to amendments of reservations, and no-show reservations.

Scheduling & Missed Connection Disclaimer

YYJ Shuttle departs at the time scheduled and does not wait for missing passengers. If you miss your scheduled departure, please speak with our staff and switch to a subsequent departure.

Exception: Final scheduled departure leaving YYJ Airport nightly may wait approximately 30 minutes for late flights if there are a substantial number of reserved shuttle passengers whose flights were delayed.

Travel times are approximate and may vary based on weather and road conditions. Please plan accordingly and give yourself ample time to make your check-in time, connection or destination.

YYJ Airport Shuttle – a part of The Wilson’s Group, and Wilson’s Transportation Ltd. is not responsible for any missed flights or other travel connections.

To make Cancellations/Amendments

Please contact The Wilson’s Group Customer Experience Centre over the phone at 1-855-351-4995, (between 0700-23:00, daily), or email, (between 07:00-19:00 PST, daily), for any amendment, cancellation, or questions.


Unaccompanied Minors

Children/Students must be 15 years of age or older to travel unaccompanied by an adult on YYJ Airport Shuttle.


Infants (age 0-3), may travel free on the YYJ Airport Shuttle provided they are seated on a guardian’s lap. If a seat is available next to the guardian, they may sit there until the seat is needed by another passenger. Should a passenger wish to guarantee a separate seat for their infant a youth ticket may be purchased.


We can only accommodate the carriage of pets if the animals are contained in a suitable carrying case. Pets are charged $12.50 per pet to travel on the YYJ Airport Shuttle.

Exception: Passenger with disabilities (CNIB, DSI card required), or passenger with other service animal certification, may travel with their service animal free of charge and the animal is not required to be in a carrying case. Valid Guide or Service Dog Certification must be presented to driver at time of boarding.


Wheelchair Accessible Services

YYJ Airport shuttle has a limited number of wheelchair lift equipped shuttles in its fleet. For passengers who require the service of a wheelchair lift equipped coach, we require reservations and full prepayment AT LEAST 48 hours in advance of the trip.

For passengers who use non-motorized mobility aids i.e. walkers and are able to board the shuttle with some assistance, we are able to store the non-motorized mobility aid within the coach. Motorized scooters cannot be carried. We require that you phone us at least 48 hours before your departure to request assistance, and that you be at the depot/terminal no less than 15 minutes prior to departure for boarding.


We are pleased to provide baggage storage onboard our shuttles. Please ensure that you have placed a personal luggage tag with name and contact info on your baggage. Baggage is limited to 1 pieces, not to exceed 22.5 kg (50 lbs.) per piece and 1 carry-on (15lbs and under).

Luggage per passengerDimension per pieceWeight per pieceFee per piece
Carry On (max 1)23 cm x 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm(9" x 16" x 20")15 lbs or lessNO FEE
Checked piece luggage (max 1)61 cm x 61 cm x 114 cm(24" x 24" x 45") 50 lbs or lessNO FEE
Additional Checked Luggage61 cm x 61 cm x 114 cm(24" x 24" x 45")50 lbs or less$6.25 per Bag
Oversize Bagsover 61 cm x 61 cm x 114 cm(24" x 24" x 45")50 lbs or less$6.25 per Bag

Skis, Snowboards, & Golf Clubs

These items will be accepted for transport on a space available basis and must be properly contained (box or bag). We are not responsible for damages to any equipment that is carried.

Golf club carriage $12.50 (Includes tax)

Snowboards or skis $25.00 (includes tax)

YYJ Shuttle is not able to transport Surfboards or Bicycles due to limited space within the shuttle.

Luggage Policy

YYJ Airport Shuttle makes every effort to handle passengers’ luggage carefully, however YYJ Airport Shuttle will not assume liability or accept claims for loss or damage to luggage due to breakage, theft, wear and tear, or through hotel, group carrier, port, airport or passenger handling.

YYJ Airport Shuttle shall not become, or be liable for, or responsible for, any loss or damage to personal property or otherwise, in connection with any transportation or any other services, resulting directly or indirectly from Acts of God, fire, breakdown or machinery or equipment, delays caused beyond the company’s control and that the company shall not become or be liable or responsible for any additional expenses or liabilities sustained or incurred as a result of any of the foregoing causes.

Lost & Found

If you lose something on a bus, please call Lost & Found at 778.351-4995 or email Found articles may be claimed during the hours of 07:00 – 15:00 PST, Monday – Friday at 4196 Glanford Avenue, Victoria.

Found articles are kept for up to 30 days. If you call us and we have the article we will hold it for a maximum of seven days. All unclaimed articles will be donated to charitable organizations.